''The Games of Ric Cowley''\n\n''Games:''\n\n<<replace "Insomnia">>''Insomnia''\n\n[[Play|http://signposteddisaster.webs.com/insomnia.html]]\n\nYou need to sleep. It is late and you have to be up early. Sadly, your brain has other plans.\n\nMy first Twine game.\n\nWARNING: May be a bit disturbing.\n\n''Things People Said''\n\n"Are you OK?" - My Mum\n\n"WHO DOES THAT TO THEMSELF??" - Keegan Spindler (@mcdoodle42)<<endreplace>>\n\n<<replace "One Night">>''One Night''\n\n[[Play|http://signposteddisaster.webs.com/onenight.html]]\n\nIt's party time! You're newly single and discovering a taste for alcohol. Time to hit the streets and see what you're made of.\n\nFour possible endings!\n\n''Things People Said''\n\n"Thanks for making my party sound really crap." - The Party-thrower<<endreplace>>\n\n<<replace "I Cheated On You">>''I Cheated On You''\n\n[[Play|http://signposteddisaster.webs.com/icheatedonyou.html]]\n\nPrepare to live with what you have done.\n\nA brief examination of guilt and pain where there is only one thing on your mind - your infidelity.\n\n''Things People Said''\n\n"This is clever, sharply written, preconception-testing and packs a real emotional gut-punch." - John Brindle (@john_brindle)\n\n"A short story that’s deep and thoughtful, that can be interpreted differently by everyone who goes through it." - Jay (commenter on freeindiegames.com)\n\n"Very powerful. Like hitting a brick wall." - @Fengxii <<endreplace>>\n\n<<replace "I Have That Dream Again">>''I Have That Dream Again''\n\n[[Play|http://signposteddisaster.webs.com/ihavethatdreamagain.html]]\n\nAn almost one-node tale of guilt.<<endreplace>>\n\n<<replace "LIFE">>''LIFE''\n\n[[Play|http://signposteddisaster.webs.com/life.html]]\n\nA game about life. Sort of.\n\n''Things People Said''\n\n"Your game broke my laptop." - Keegan Spindler (@mcdoodle42)<<endreplace>>\n\n<<replace "Eyes Down!">>''Eyes Down!''\n\n[[Play|http://signposteddisaster.webs.com/eyesdown.html]]\n\nWitness the unending horror that is a bingo hall in the North West of England.<<endreplace>>\n\n<<replace "The Push">>''The Push''\n\n[[Play|http://signposteddisaster.webs.com/thepush.html]]\n\nA short puzzle game about helping those you care about.\n\nOriginal music by [[Rosa Francesca|https://www.facebook.com/rosafrancescasmusic]].\n\n''Things People Said''\n\n"Absolutely lovely." - Niall Taylor (@nialljtaylor)\n\n"Loved this dude. Positive message reinforced by gameplay." - Mark Smith (@ZeroMark26)\n\n"[Ric is] a terrible influence and probably the cause of a lot of crime." - Suicide Gaming (@SuicideGaming)<<endreplace>>\n\n<<replace "Zeno's Adventure">>''Zeno's Adventure''\n\n[[Play|http://signposteddisaster.webs.com/zenosadventure.html]]\n\nAn incredibly stupid not-game about trying to do things within the constraints of Zeno's paradox.<<endreplace>>\n\n''Everyone You Know Is Dead And That's OK'' Coming Soon\n\nEmail: ricass [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk\nTwitter: @TheRicass
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