Haha, no, I get it. So tell me about this guy then!\n\n[[I cheated on you.|57]] yeah. All in all, pretty horrible, ha. I guess you're winning the break-up then.\n\n[[I cheated on you.|55]]
So the Bhudda says to a hot-dog vendor, "make me one with everything."\n\n[[I cheated on you.|43]]
Aw come on. I'm just curious.\n\n[[I cheated on you.|49]]
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It's the joke that never gets old!\n\n[[I cheated on you.|44]]
No, yeah, I'm ok. I mean, heh, yeah, it hurt a bit, but uh, no. Yeah. I'm happy for you. I'm glad things are working out.\n\n[[I cheated on you.|61]]
hey how's it going\n\n[[I cheated on you.|2]]
No, fair play. I probably don't want to know.\n\n[[I cheated on you.|63]]
So we should totally do this again some time.\n\n[[I cheated on you.|64]]
No, right, yeah, a month or so. This was, uh, awkward enough, heh.\n\n[[I cheated on you.|65]]
Alright, I'll leave it.\n\n[[I cheated on you.|50]]
Hm? Oh. No, um. I'm fine.\n\n[[I cheated on you.|67]]
[[I cheated on you.|69]]
[[It was a huge mistake and I'm really sorry and that's the real reason I broke up with you.|70]]
You don't wanna know. It mostly revolves around her.\n\n[[I cheated on you.|53]]
Alright, if you're sure.\n\n[[I cheated on you.|54]]
you are good enough, i just don't feel the same way about you anymore\n\n[[I cheated on you.|25]]
it's not just about her, our relationship wasn't exactly perfect before i met her\n\n[[I cheated on you.|26]]
you know why\n\n[[I cheated on you.|27]]
there's nothing you can say to make this better. i don't want to be with you anymore\n\n[[I cheated on you.|28]]
i just don't love you as much as you deserve\n\n[[I cheated on you.|21]]
this isn't something that time can fix\n\n[[I cheated on you.|22]]
i'm really sorry\n\n[[I cheated on you.|23]]
i still think you're an amazing person\n\n[[I cheated on you.|24]]
I'm still really sorry.\n\n[[I cheated on you.|47]]
So, have you been seeing anyone?\n\n[[I cheated on you.|48]]
Look, I just want to say, I'm really sorry I broke up with you by text. That was a total douche move.\n\n[[I cheated on you.|45]]
Exactly. You asked me if I thought we were gonna work things out, and I couldn't just lie to you and then break up with you two days later.\n\n[[I cheated on you.|46]]
ok you can call me if you want\n\n[[I cheated on you.|29]]
it doesn't feel real does it? stopping after three years is kinda weird\n\n[[I cheated on you.|30]]
Hey. How's it going?\n\n[[I cheated on you.|41]]
Heh, well what else am I supposed to say?\n\n[[I cheated on you.|42]]
listen i'm sure you'll make the team eventually, you just need to keep trying, i believe in you\n\n[[I cheated on you.|4]]
oh ya know not much just hanging around, playing games, going to uni\n\n[[I cheated on you.|3]]
you're going to be great, you just need to worry less, it's not like everything in your life is horrible\n\n[[I cheated on you.|6]]
no really i do, i know you, once you set your mind to something then you rarely fail\n\n[[I cheated on you.|5]]
ok so things haven't been great but they'll get better\n\n[[I cheated on you.|8]]
well I mean you've got me so that's something, right? hahaha\n\n[[I cheated on you.|7]]
look just because i spend all my time with her doesn't mean anything\n\n[[I cheated on you.|10]]
i'm sorry we don't talk much but i'm just bogged down in essays and stuff ya know\n\n[[I cheated on you.|9]]
Yeah, everything just kinda went... bad after we broke up. It's not been great.\n\n[[I cheated on you.|52]]
yeah i've got us a table round the corner\n\n[[I cheated on you.|40]]
Yeah, I'll just drunkenly text you again, that worked out well last time! Hahaha.\n\n[[I cheated on you.|66]]
i'll see you there\n\n[[I cheated on you.|39]]
<<replace "bye">>Game by Richard Cowley. Made with a slightly altered "Closed In" CSS style sheet and "replace" macro from<<endreplace>>
[[i'm really sorry, but you had to know. it wouldn't have been fair to you if we'd become friends and i'd kept that from you. i fucked up. i'm so, so sorry.|72]]
[[You can storm off if you like. I'd probably do the same.|71]]
Oh.\n\n[[I cheated on you.|60]]
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Come onnnn, I told you all about my crappy life, you've gotta share back!\n\n[[I cheated on you.|59]]
i wouldn't say it if i didn't mean it\n\n[[I cheated on you.|12]]
i love you\n\n[[I cheated on you.|11]]
hey i just saw your status what's up?\n\n[[I cheated on you.|14]]
i'll talk to you later, i really need to focus\n\n[[I cheated on you.|13]]
you're not a failure, your parents love you, you're not pushing your friends away. you should worry less\n\n[[I cheated on you.|16]]
you said you were silent screaming in the middle of town, that's not nothing\n\n[[I cheated on you.|15]]
it's going to take time, and it might never get better\n\n[[I cheated on you.|18]]
i know things between us aren't great i already said that\n\n[[I cheated on you.|17]]
i think it's the best thing to do\n\n[[I cheated on you.|20]]
i was gonna break up with you soon\n\n[[I cheated on you.|19]]
if you wanna break your leg, be my guest hahaha\n\n[[I cheated on you.|32]]
you do know cancellation insurance doesn't mean you can just call up and cancel the holiday right? you need a medical condition\n\n[[I cheated on you.|31]]
awesome. wednesday ok?\n\n[[I cheated on you.|38]]
hey i know we havent spoken in about three months but do you want to get a coffee or something?\n\n[[I cheated on you.|37]]
ok. bye.\n\n[[I cheated on you.|36]]
i'm sorry this happened\n\n[[I cheated on you.|35]]
i hate to sound cliche but i really do want to still be friends\n\n[[I cheated on you.|34]]
Wow. Dancing. Nice. Good to see you're taking this graciously.\n\n[[I cheated on you.|56]]
nah you take the hotel, i'll rearrange my flights and go stay with my grandparents for a bit\n\n[[I cheated on you.|33]]
Is he nice?\n\n[[I cheated on you.|62]]
So there IS a guy! Haha, I knew it! Come on, tell me! Was he any good? Did you meet him in a club?\n\n[[I cheated on you.|58]]
Well, like... I... I would like to be with you, but I know we can't get back together. If I could just rewind three months and not break up with you, that'd be cool.\n\n[[I cheated on you.|51]]