You offer to buy her a drink, but she politely turns you down. You say it wouldn't be a bother, but she is adamant that she'll be alright.\n\nYou debate [[launching into a discussion about female independence|GirlChatIndependent]]. Equally, you could just [[try and get the attention of the bar staff|GirlChatBarPerson]].
You stumble over to the cash machine just down the road, lamenting the fact you chose not to take money out earlier. You should've known you were going into the club anyway. You're drunk! You'll do whatever anyone tells you! Which is probably a bad thing. You should work on that.\n\nYou head back to the club and what dya know, there's a huge queue now. You mutter obscenities and head to the back.\n\nThere's a good looking girl in front of you. She turns and smiles. You smile back. She turns away. She turns back again and looks you up and down. She asks if she knows you, and you reply that you're not sure, she doesn't seem familiar. You exchange names, and begin talking. She's really quite a cool individual. She mentions that she doesn't really like this club, she's much more into just chilling out and drinking. You tell her that you're far more into that also. She raises the point that she has a bottle of wine back at her place and would you like to come and share some?\n\nYou [[take her up on the offer|NextMorning]].
You wander over to the girl. Your heart is pounding, but the alcohol coursing through your veins is calming you somewhat. You prop yourself up at the bar next to her, turn to catch her eye, smile and say hello.\n\nOh God did you really just say hello to a girl you don't know? Fuck fuck fuck what are you doing. You should [[flee|Flee]]. Like right now. Seriously.\n\nNo. No no no. Calm down. You can do this. Look, she's smiled back! She wants to carry on this conversation! You're a good looking guy, so have some balls and [[talk to her|GirlChat2]]! Or maybe just go straight in and [[tell a joke|GirlChatJoke]]! Hell, why not go crazy and [[compliment her|GirlChatCompliment]]! That sounds like a great idea!
You love this fucking flask. It reminds you of a time when everything was great and good in your life, and everything was clear; you knew what you wanted to do, who you wanted to be with, and how you were going to do everything you hoped to accomplish. You were writing music. You were writing scripts. You were writing articles. You were writing; that was the key thing. And you loved all of it. The flask came into your possession in the middle of all of this. You cling to it desperately.\n\nPeople give you weird looks when you enter parties clutching a thermos but fuck 'em. You don't like beer, so you don't carry bottles around. And slugging vodka from a litre bottle isn't exactly classy. At least this gives you the air of sophistication you crave.\n\nAlso it has the <html><a href=""></a></html> logo on it and that's just fucking AWESOME.\n\n[[back|MixDrinks]]
You arrive back at your house, safe and sound and without incident.\n\nYou feel as though you've made a mistake by not going to the club, but let's face it, clubs are no fun when you're sober. You don't like the music, you find the dancing stupid, the whole culture irritates you. There's not a single thing there for you. Heading home was probably the best thing to do.\n\nYou grab a glass of Pepsi Max and head upstairs. You proceed to spend the next three hours refreshing Facebook.\n\nYou lucky thing.
<<silently>>\n<<set $get_moolah = false>>\n<<set $get_wine = false>>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou are twenty years old, and it is Friday night. You have just recently [[ended a three year relationship|ExGF]] and this is the first time in your (young) adult life that you will be going on a night out, single, without accompanying [[a woman you are interested in|ThatOtherNight]].\n\nYou are [[not entirely sure how you feel|EarlyFeelings]].\n\nIn front of you is a bottle of Malibu and a bottle of Pepsi Max. [[You know what to do.|MixDrinks]]\n\nOf course, no one is forcing you to go out, though it is a friend's birthday party, so perhaps not going would be unwise. Still, you're still well within your rights to [[bail|Bail]].
Let's be honest, you're not the manliest of men. You don't like sports of any kind. You hate "lad" culture. You do enjoy a good sexist joke, but always feel a bit iffy about them anyway. And you definitely don't feel any desire to show off your swagger, or whatever. You like being introverted. And you lack the confidence to do anything really "out there" (unless there's a guitar and a microphone in front of you, acting as a barrier against the real world).\n\nYou see men come into bars and clubs, eyeing up women and mentally judging how fuckable they are, and you detest them. Obviously you do this as well, but you do it with a certain amount of irony, and you don't make it quite so obvious. You've never grinded up against a girl unless you've had at least something approaching a decent conversation with them first.\n\nThe idea of meeting a girl purely so you can attempt to have sex with them doesn't sit right, basically. But it's been a month, and up until now you'd be having regular sex for about three years. Your dick has well and truly taken control.\n\nMay as well go along for the ride, eh?\n\n[[back|Bar2]]
You've never much bought into that whole "glass half full/half empty" thing. A debate on semantics does not equate to your being an optimist or a pessimist. You get the idea, obviously, but you choose to just tell people all the crap that gets you depressed, and they quickly realise it's time they stopped asking about how you look at glasses and just had a drink.\n\n[[back|Party2]]
You arrive at the party with your housemate. \n\nWell. Party is perhaps a strong word. There is a smattering of people here.\n \nOk so smattering is a strong word. The people who live in the house are here, plus [[one girl you don't recognise|NewGirl]].\n\nYou kick your shoes off and throw your coat over the sofa, then place your alcohol on the table. <<if $get_wine>>Your wine doesn't seem to draw any attention. More for you, then.<<endif>>\n\nYou [[make idle chitchat|ChitChat]].
You say nothing, and slip your card back into your pocket. There's no chance of you getting into the club now, but you can still [[have a nice time in the bar|Bar]].
You pick up the Malibu bottle and pour a healthy slug into your [[thermos flask|Flask]], survery the amount, and then add a little more for luck. You top this up with the Pepsi Max, and take a quick swig to taste. It seems fine.\n\nYou add more Malibu anyway.\n\nAlso available to you is [[two and a half bottles of cheap red wine|CheapRedWine]] that you have yet to put in your Sainsbury's bag. They may well aid your evening in some way, but you still wonder if you should leave them here for another time.\n\nYou briefly consider only taking one bottle, but then decide it's an all or nothing thing, and anyway you're unlikely to drink this wine if you don't drink it tonight.\n\nYou mull over your choice: [[take the wine|TakeWine]] or [[don't take the wine|DontTakeWine]]?
You gather with your friends at the table and survey the room. Um. For women. You're [[not entirely comfortable with this notion|Masculinity]] but your baser needs are feeling less comfortable with being unsatisfied, so a kind of animal instinct is making you look at women purely as objects of affection. What a great human being you are right now.\n\nYou spot a [[girl by the bar|BarGirl]] who is... I mean. Damn. <<if $get_wine>>The wine in you may as well be called win, because you're feeling fantastic, and chicks dig confidence, so let's fuckin' do this! You nudge your closest friend, point over to the girl, then grab your drink and [[head over|GirlChat]].<<else>> Sadly your crippling self-esteem and self-worth issues come flooding back, so you turn away and [[carry on chatting to your friends for the remainder of your time at the bar|LeaveBar]].<<endif>>
You tell her that one about the Bhudda. It's your go to joke.\n\n"So, the Bhudda says to a hot dog vendor, 'make me one with everything'."\n\nShe draws a blank on who the Bhudda is.\n\nYou pick up your drink and walk back to your friends. You explain what happened, and they commend you on your decision to leave.\n\nAfter some time, you all decide to [[head out|LeaveBar]].
Music thumps, drinks are consumed, people dance. Yeah, it's a club. What else is new?\n\nYou don't like the music, but by this point you're pretty drunk and couldn't give a fuck. You'd dance to anything. You are a puppet to the DJ's beats, as he queues up the next top 40 hit on his "deck" and occasionally twists the fader so it seems like he's actually doing something.\n\nYou dance and dance and dance. You've given up on finding someone to sleep with. You can't talk to people in clubs anyway. You've tried, but mostly you just find yourself nodding at whatever they're saying, because all you actually hear is BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.\n\nAfter a few hours of dancing like a nobhead, the club closes, and you go home. You convince yourself you've had fun, but a voice in the back of your head tells you that you hated every second; that you'd have had more fun sat at home playing video games listening to acoustic music.\n\nYou wake up the next day, alone, hungover, and with only a couple of hours to pack up the remainder of your stuff before your parents get here and help you move back in with them for the next month.\n\nYou lucky thing.
You ask her name, and instantly forget it.\n\nYou ask what she's studying, and instantly forget it.\n\nShe mentions her boyfriend, and you switch off.\n\nYou feel bad; she seems like a cool person, but it would appear your dick is doing the thinking tonight, and hell, why not? Your brain works overtime most nights anyway, may as well give it a rest for once.\n\n[[back|Party]]
You tell her it's cool, you get it. Chivalry is dead, after all, and you understand the importance of women having independence. And after all, the connotations of a man buying a woman a drink is that of a man who is trying to take her home, and while that wouldn't be a terrible outcome of this conversation, it's certainly not your only endgame. Not that it's your endgame anyway. Sorry, you're not very good at this. Regardless, you're not offended that she turned down your offer.\n\nShe stares at you blankly. It's clear she can't decide how serious you're being.\n\nYou're not entirely sure how serious you're being.\n\nYou apologise, promise to leave her alone now, grab your drink, and head back to your friends. You tell them what happened - they don't seem impressed. They poke fun at you until they decide it's time to [[move on|LeaveBar]].
One Night
You open with something simple, like, "hey, how's it going?" She responds positively, and reciprocates the question. You also respond positively. Everyone's happy. This is good! You're doing well!\n\nYou're desperately avoiding saying something stupid like [["come here often?"|GirlChatComeHereOften]] and your mouth tries to make its way to something innocuous like [["have I seen you somewhere before?"|GirlChatSeenYouSomewhere]].\n\nYou can still [[flee|Flee]]. That's totally a thing you could do right now.
You turn to order a drink, realise you already have a drink, turn back to the girl to maybe say something else, notice you've not spoken for like thirty seconds now, you've probably missed your window, panic panic panic panic OK well this was fun and says a lot about you, don't make eye contact with the girl, grab your drink, and quickly walk back to your table.\n\nYour friends have witnessed the whole thing. A sea of grins greets you when you sit down. The compadre closest to you pats you on the shoulder.\n\nYou sit very still until [[you move on to the club|LeaveBar]].
<<set $get_moolah = true>>\nYou slam the card into the machine, mash the buttons in a pattern that you've memorised, and then remove said card and some cash. Pretty normal thing to do really.\n\nYou [[move on to the bar|Bar]].
You are twenty years old, and it is Friday night. You have just recently [[ended a three year relationship|ExGF]] and this is the first time in your (young) adult life that you will be going on a night out, single, without accompanying [[a woman you are interested in|ThatOtherNight]].\n\nYou are [[not entirely sure how you feel|EarlyFeelings]].\n\nIn front of you is a bottle of Malibu and a bottle of Pepsi Max. [[You know what to do.|MixDrinks]]\n\nOf course, no one is forcing you to go out, though it is a friend's birthday party, so perhaps not going would be unwise. Still, you're still well within your rights to [[bail|Bail]].
Ah yes, The Friary. An old church/cathedral type thing, now a bar that also serves cappucinos, but is very rarely entered during the day. It's beautiful in there, and the drinks are often relatively cheaper than most places, although you have no idea how much is too much for a drink. You just buy drinks. You tend not to let [[money worry you|Money]].\n\n<<if $get_wine>>You stumble over to the bar with your companions and prop yourself up at the bar. The temptation for more Malibu is high, but something within you stirs, craving that sweet nectar known as whiskey (quite definitely with an "e"). You succumb to your desires, order your drink and hand over some cash.<<endif>> <<if $get_moolah eq true and $get_wine eq true>> There's still plenty left over.<<endif>><<if $get_moolah eq false and $get_wine eq true>> Sadly, you're now out of pocket.<<endif>><<if $get_wine eq false>>You walk over to the bar and lean against one of the nearby posts as your friends ponder the drinks. You're tempted to get something, but since you're already fairly sober, you decide you can't really be bothered buying anything alcoholic, and just order a lemonade instead. <<endif>> <<if $get_money eq true and $get_wine eq false>> The already cheap beverage barely makes a dent in your funds.<<endif>> <<if $get_money eq false and $get_wine eq true>> Although it hasn't exactly broken the bank, your lemonade has now made sure you can't get into the club. You don't consider this a real tragedy.<<endif>>\n\nYour party [[wanders over to a table|Bar2]].
You try to forget that this wine came into your posession directly after you helped carry your great grandmother's corpse in and out of a church, that you had to make conversation with relatives while slightly tipsy at the wake after, that you hate wine but can't turn down free stuff.\n\nInstead you remember that you used to have four bottles, but one and a half of them were consumed on that other night (oh man what a night), and mostly not by you. So you kind of owe it to yourself to start drinking it now. It doesn't look too horrendous, anyway.\n\nIt's a Merlot, you think? It's red. Pffft. What the fuck do you know about wine.\n\n[[back|MixDrinks]]
You consider it for a while, then move the wine back to the cellar. No good can come of it. When you're finished putting them back, your housemate reminds you it's probably time you [[headed out|Party]].
You exchange words with a few people. How's it going? Oh everything's fine. The birthday girl laments the lack of people, then goes on to [[complain about their excuses for not being here|Excuses]], some of which make you giggle.\n\nYou take a couple of sips from your flask, and feel yourself start to [[loosen up|SecondThoughts]]. <<if $get_wine>>The wine catches your eye, but perhaps it's a little early for that.<<endif>>\n\nYou think back briefly to your own recent birthday party, and feel quietly glad that you decided not to go on a night out. They always seem to end in trouble, or never begin at all.\n\n[[Time passes.|Party2]]
You manage to attract the attention of the bar staff, then point in the young woman's direction. The guy behind the bar takes her order, and as he leaves to get her drink, she turns back and asks if you want anything. You instinctively decline, despite your drunken mind willing you to take her up on the offer.\n\nYou carry on chatting for a while longer about the music, the surroundings, that sort of thing. Things are going ok!\n\nThen her boyfriend wanders over and you decide it might be in your best interest to see what your friends are up to.\n\nThey're [[just leaving|LeaveBar]].
<<set $get_wine = true>>\nYou grab the bottles of wine and stick them in the bag. It'll be nice to bring drinks that you actually share with other people at [[the party|Party]] anyway.
Your party heads out the door, waving to the bouncer as you go. You hear cars passing, drunk women shouting. The wind blows, so you wrap your coat around yourself tighter. Being outside is clearly not a good move.\n\n<<if $get_wine>>Your friends motion towards the club, and you eagerly follow them. The queue is almost non-existant, which is fantastic! Usually you queue for ages at this place. You loudly mention this to your friends. There are solemn nods of agreement.<<else>>Your friend motion towards the club, but you are FAR too sober to be entering a club. You say your goodbyes to their angry faces, turn heel, and [[walk home|HomeEarly]].<<endif>> <<if ($get_moolah eq true) and ($get_wine eq true)>>You wander into the reception, put your cash on the desk, get your hand stamped, and [[enter the club|Club]].<<endif>><<if ($get_moolah eq false) and ($get_wine eq true)>> Just as you are about to step into the club, you remember that you spent all your money in the bar. Your friends offer you a loan, but you decline; you don't want to owe them anything, and anyway, you're going to need to buy drinks if you want to stave off soberness. You tell them to meet you inside, you'll go [[find a cash machine|CashMachine]].<<endif>>
You inquire as to whether you may have seen her around, maybe on campus? You clarify as to which campus, and she confirms that she does go to the same university as you. She's the same year as you. She studies Literature. Oh really? You study Linguistics! She smiles. You're doing great!\n\nYou ask if she's getting anything, and she mentions she's been trying to get the attention of the bar staff, but to no avail. This might be a great opportunity to [[offer to buy her a drink|GirlChatBuyDrink]], or at the very least [[attract the attention of a barperson|GirlChatBarPerson]].
Oh dude, that was crazy! With all that whiskey, and those Irish guys, and that one chick who you're really close friends with but you want to be with! Maaaan. Crazy. Certainly not a night you'll be forgetting for a while.\n\n[[back|Start1]]
The night is young, and your mind is sober and clear. So how are you feeling? Nonplussed, all told. This is liable to be another in a long list of uneventful nights, during which you will consume an amount of alcohol (the level of which is to be determined by how much you can cadge off your mates, rather than spend your own money, cheapskate) and mentally complain about the music you're listening to. Maybe even verbally.\n\nAs for the being single thing, it hasn't quite sunk in yet. You still think like you're in a relationship, and thus cannot "chat up" women at bars. Not that you could anyway - you're pretty bad at meeting new people, let alone beginning a conversation with a woman in some vain hope of bedding her, or even cuddling up next to her fully clothed (goddamn you miss cuddling).\n\nRegardless, you want to go out. It's the last day of term, and you've packed all your stuff to move home with. Why not celebrate with friends? It might even be fun.\n\n[[back|Start1]]
You have always despised the fact that you quite often require Dutch courage to so much as talk to people, especially new people who you've never met before. All those years of acting lessons and you still lack the confidence to approach strangers. You still freak out about ordering food at a resteraunt. That's kind of worrying. Maybe you should talk about that with someone some time.\n\nEither way, your drink is tasty. Sure, it's considered girly to drink Malibu and Pepsi and not, say, a beer, but you despise beer. You have tried to drink it in the past in a vague attempt to make sure your father doesn't think your gay or something, but to be honest, the number of times girls have enquired as to whether you are gay is making you realise there isn't much hope in trying to convince anyone otherwise.\n\nNot that there's anything wrong with being gay, but that does impede somewhat on your goal of finding a woman to cuddle up to. Or does it? You don't really know.\n\nYou carry on drinking instead.\n\n[[back|ChitChat]]
You have now been here for about half an hour. You are enjoying yourself, or so you tell yourself, but there is still a lack of bodies filling up the room. You mostly spend your time listening to the few people that are here chatting about whatever. It's interesting.\n\nYou polish off the remains of your flask and place it back in your coat pocket.\n\n<<if $get_wine>>The wine calls to you, and you answer. You grab the half empty (or is it [[half full|HalfFull]]?) bottle and proceed to swig from the bottle, like the classy son of a bitch you are. You drain it pretty quickly, and proceed to the next bottle, again negating the use of a glass in favour of just drinking from the bottle. You wonder briefly if anyone will call you out on this, but no one seems to care. <<else>>With nothing to drink, you sit down and start idly playing on your phone. Nothing interesting appears to be happening on the social networks. You check a forum - nothing. You wonder if there's anything else you could look at, but you realise that right at this minute the most interesting thing to look at is your feet. You twiddle your thumbs. The conversation sounds hard to break into, so you stay quiet. You begin to regret not bringing that wine after all.<<endif>>\n\n[[Time progresses some more.|Party3]]
It is approaching time to go. The partygoer count has not changed, and so your party of six head out into the [[cold March night|ColdMarch]] and start walking towards your first location - coincidentally, one of your favourite bars in town.\n\n<<if $get_wine>>Your body is swimming in wine, and it feels GREAT. You can feel yourself stumbling a little, but whatever, you know? You can still walk straight, and what else does one need in life? You chat with the other attendees, saying nothing in particular, but the conversation is fun. You feel happy. Life is good!<<else>>You follow your companions along the road, not really saying much, idly smiling as some of them make drunken attempts at conversation with you. You're not sure you can be bothered with this anymore, but you're here, so you might as well stick it out for at least this bar, and then [[head home at the club|ClubBail]].<<endif>>\n\nOne of your party spies a cash machine in the distance, and exclaims that they need money. You pat yourself down, and remember you've only got about a fiver yourself - not enough for a drink and entry to the club. <<if $get_wine>>Some force inside your body grabs your debit card from your coat pocket and exclaims that you also need money, but a voice in the back of your head tells you that this can only lead to disaster. You consider listening to it, clutching the key to more alcohol in your hand. <<else>>You instinctively keep quiet, knowing you can use this as an excuse to go home sharpish, and no one will even care. Yet it would be rude, and you're already on thin ice with these friends for your bailing antics.<<endif>>\n\nYou have to decide: [[get some money out|MoneyOut]] or [[stick with what you've got|NoMoneyOut]]?
Like, uh... yeah. That totally happened. The specifics needn't be gone into, but let's just say that regardless of how much you're currently wondering if it was the best idea or not (mainly because let's be honest you don't do lonely very well), you know you should not and don't want to get back together with her. Which sucks every time you remind yourself of that fact, but whatever. Can we go [[back|Start1]] now?
You've always had a thing for goth chicks, particularly since you spent most of your teenage life trying to be a goth yourself (at least in some way; your afro didn't really fit into the culture). Goth girls are like your flask; they remind you of the good old days, when things were awesome and you felt great most of the time. And for some reason, short dyed hair and punk-y clothes appeal to you. Skirts in particular. Damn you love skirts.\n\nThis girl is wearing a skirt and a t-shirt, which is basically the pre-requisite for you to [[fall in love at first sight|Love]]. Her hair isn't dyed, not in a loud colour anyway (girls dye their hair in standard colours after all), but it is kind of short, going on medium. You caught a glimpse of her face and there was nothing obviously... uh... wrong with it (you don't know how to accurately describe reasons why you find womens face's attractive, but you are aware that it is a key thing for you). She has breasts, which is always a good sign. Two legs. Two arms. (Not that there's anything wrong with people without some limbs oh God oh God this feels wrong.) She isn't fat, but you get the impression that she probably isn't happy with her body. Oh but who is these days? Man, you know, body confidence is something you admire most in a woman... but this isn't the point.\n\nBasically, yeah, you're attracted to her.\n\n[[back|Bar2]]
Some of the reasons people give for not coming are truly something. Numerous people suddenly have stomach bugs, while others merely "forgot" that they were already attending another party. One girl cries off with lady problems. It's simultaneously depressing and hilarious that so many people are throwing out last minute excuses to not go out drinking and celebrate the continued life of one of your friends.\n\nYou agree that they're all a bunch of dicks.\n\n[[back|ChitChat]]
You often wonder why on Earth the government decided to give you so much money to study a linguistics degree. You agree that your family may not have much money, but they're certainly better off than some people you know who are studying far more worthwhile degrees. Still, you don't let that bother you - you will, after all, still be over ten grand in debt by the time you finish university.\n\nYou desperately push back thoughts about whether it's all worth it.\n\n[[back|Bar]]
Seriously, what is up with this fucking weather? You live in the North of England, sure, but this is ridiculous. It should be spring for God's sake! Can't you get a little bit of sunshine just for once?!\n\n[[back|Party3]]
You wake up.\n\nYour head is absolutely fucking killing you, and you feel sick. Really sick. Not like you're going to throw up but... Jesus. Blegh. Not a good feeling. You kinda wish you were dead.\n\nYou also wish you knew where you were.\n\nYou do not recognise the room that you have awoken in, but the girl lying next to you is familiar.\n\nYou have a quiet smile to yourself.\n\nYou lucky thing!\n\n(You don't, however, have any idea what to do now. You have never woken up in someone elses' bed before. You lie back down, and endeavour to wait until she wakes up, so that you may ask her opinion.)
Last term, you went to a similar party (except with more people), and were more than happy to go along with everything that happened until you found yourself at the back of a half hour long queue into a club you don't particularly like anyway. Sobering up and bored out of your mind, you bailed like a little bitch, and walked home. Your friends haven't fully forgiven you for this. You're sure of this.\n\n[[back|Party3]]
You've never entirely grasped what "love" is, especially compared to "attraction". Well. You know that you've been attracted to women, in a purely physical sense, but your heart also seems to have a large say in these things. And your brain doesn't always jump to the sex; you often consider the longer term, with relationships and feelings and all that mushy crap. Is that love? Wanting to spend lots of time with a person, but also want to mack on their face or something? You don't like that phrase - macking on someone's face.\n\nYour thoughts are getting all confused. Your heart is fluttering a bit. You know you've been in love, wholly and truly, but you don't know about lesser love. Is there a lesser love? Is love a fixed concept? Do you watch too many romcoms?\n\nYou try and push back the notions of love - clearly you're not equipped to deal with it right now. Or maybe ever.\n\n[[back|BarGirl]]
A largely fictional game by @TheRicass.
Oh. Well. I guess you went ahead and asked if she comes here often. Nicely done.\n\nShe answers that she tries to, it's a nice place. You can see her eyes start to glaze over. You'll have to do some work to get this back on track.\n\nYou're about to launch into an explanation about using irony as a way of talking to new people, that you're not very good at this, and that you're sorry for even attempting to start a conversation like that, but she's already got her drink, and she smiles and waves goodbye before leaving you there, mouth slightly open.\n\nYou stand still for a moment, and return to your friends. They've been watching the whole thing. You tell them what you said, and they quietly chuckle at your being useless.\n\nYou carry on chatting until the group decides it's time to [[move on|LeaveBar]].
You decide to spend the night in. You message your friend on Facebook, who is rather annoyed at your sudden change in mood, and rightfully so. Regardless, you spend the night in your room, playing video games and refreshing Facebook, comfortable in the knowledge that at least you're not spending vast sums of money on alcohol or getting into clubs.\n\nYou're certain you missed out on something, however. Ah well. There's always next time.
Your brain wants to tell her that you love her hair, it looks great on her, but unfortunately your mouth decides to tell her she has a rockin' bod, and you'd love to get closer to it.\n\nYou decide that in future you should not drink wine.\n\nShe smiles politely, before turning and walking away. You see her walking up to a man, and then pointing over at you.\n\nYou wave. There doesn't seem to be much else to do at this point.\n\nYou head back to your friends. The night has this weird tension running over it now. You glance over your shoulder every now and then to check you're not about to be sucker punched by an angry boyfriend.\n\nAfter a long, horribly tense time, your group decides to [[move on|LeaveBar]].